Who are we ?

Jean-Jacques Radelet

Former Belgian Off-Road rally champion, but also official pilot of the Morocco Racing Team Red Bull, he creates as he breathes… At the same time adventurer, entrepreneur and a multifaceted organiser. Its principle is simple, the world is beautiful, the most beautiful thing we can do in our lives is to discover it.

Mimie Levêque

On the basis of Jean-Claude’s tracks, it produces the road books of the greatest Rally-Raid. She is also a specialist in the development and programming of the GPS Road Book electronic TRIPY. Its know-how guarantees the precision and safety of our circuits.

Jean-Claude Kaket

His involvement in the organization of automotive events is not new, he is the sports director at the heart of the Morocco Desert Challenge (MDC) which is on the way to becoming the largest Rally-Raid in the world. The elaboration of the itinerary is the starting point of his reflection. There is no equivalent to the circuits proposed by Jean-Claude because he creates them from scratch.

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Creation evenement : Event Creartion : Creaforyou

The Créaforyou company is a specialist in the organisation of motorcycle rallies or car rallies ” discovery, stroll, regularity, competition ” Creaforyou was born from a dream and a desire to bring together our friends and our pleasures, in order to share them with you… Our rallies are always a total creation born from our imagination and little by little, the idea is embodied in reality. We reveal to you the places that really thrilled us, that marked us, where we remember having felt something strong when we contemplated them. A particular atmosphere, an oversized size, perfection, incredible colours, in short, Morocco has resolutely become “the other” territory to discover by bike or car.


With more than 10 years of experience in rallies and rally-raids, these three people are complementary and form a solid team. Experience and a lot of upstream work are absolutely necessary to carry out such projects. During the rallies, about fifteen people will assist you: hostess, guides, interpreters, mechanics, drivers, workshop truck managers, baggage handlers, local partners, photographer… Nothing is left to chance.


Our team will allow you to escape stereotypes and get off the beaten track.
Numerous markings allow us to validate each point of the organization.
Jean- claude Kaket creates the tours from scratch and determines the daily stages, neither too long nor too short, which are of genuine tourist interest but also the pleasure of driving.
The JC charts are still unpublished.


The choice is determined according to the concept of the rally (ballad, regularity, adventure, competition and custom-made).
Our choice is made according to the most luxurious and best but also taking into account the originality or particularity of the places in order to be able to offer you an exceptional moment, a breathtaking view or a special welcome…


Créaforyou also negotiates “exclusivities”, such as:

  • Dinners at the homes of local personalities.
  • Meetings with the locals.
  • Opening of private places.
  • Privileged visits to castles, museums and other cultural treasures.
  • Accommodations in the desert in typical or luxury bivouacs.
  • Tailor-made rides or rallies.
In the end, the objective of Creaforyou rallies is to organise the most beautiful rallies in exceptional conditions, combining the pleasure of driving with the discovery of distant horizons and that each trip leaves room for adventure while cultivating the art of living, elegance and culture. Our fundamentals: Unique routes, precise preparation, quality assistance, trips that offer each crew the dream, the pleasure and above all to escape stereotypes and mass tourism.
The adventures that Créaforyou offers you are the result of a concrete experience on the ground, we travel through Morocco in all its corners to offer you unforgettable sensations. We ensure that you experience a different time space than what you have already discovered.

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