Morocco enjoys an infinite variety of reliefs and territories, mountains, coastline, desert, each place conceals its own charms and a unique natural richness and it is thanks to this that Morocco is a privileged destination for travel by motorcycle or car.

Mountains occupy more than two thirds of Moroccan territory and reach significant heights. Several peaks cross the 4000 m mark. Morocco contains four main mountain ranges, and is the only Maghreb country to have a huge mountain range, the Atlas, the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas…

The Middle Atlas consists of two parts with very different landscapes. To the east, we find the steep massifs with peaks at more than 3200 m. These summits have significant snowfall. To the west, the chain softens to make way for some more affordable reliefs and small plateaus. The Middle Atlas range is bordered to the south by the High Atlas.

It is in the High Atlas, a majestic chain that surrounds the country from east to west, that the Toubkal peaks at 4167 m.

In the south of the country, and close to the Algerian border, is the largest expanse of stones and sand in the interior of Morocco. Some sand dunes can reach 210 m in height.

Our routes are prepared in accordance with the seasons and the regions crossed.

Our Rallyes allow you to travel by motorcycle or car through these regions.

Morocco: administrative formalities.

As Morocco is not part of Europe, it requires a valid passport to enter the country. A visa is not required for stays of less than three months.


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